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Things you should know before renovating your kitchen

Time passes for all, and as you may have noticed that the kitchen is one of the places of worst age in your home. It is exposed to a continuous coming and going of different temperatures, vapors, food and fluids, cleaning products. However, you can give a facelift to invest little time and less money to restore the splendor and change the face of your kitchen.

Cost of Renovation

Throughout my experience in reforming kitchen and bathrooms, this is the basic question that everyone has made in addressing a full or partial kitchen renovation. The price of kitchen renovation is perhaps one of the greatest and perhaps the final factor to step ahead. The price of kitchen renovation depends on many factors that can vary greatly.

The cost of renovating a kitchen depends on many mainly on two factors:

  • The quality of the materials used
  • The cost of the work to be performed

On the contrary, the price of renovation varies widely depending on tastes and personal needs. These five steps below are common to any reform process, and not only kitchens, but any type of work or renovation:

Think about what you want and see what you need

Kitchen is an indispensable part of the house, so as personal advice, I recommend that you take time to think about making a stylish kitchen rather preferring modern kitchen, minimalist kitchen or a classic kitchen.

Define Your Style

Once you find out what you want, now define the style, which will mark a decisive way to the final cost of the reform. Not the same one, a high-design kitchen, which more or less matches with a traditional kitchen style rustic kitchen. Remember, depending on the chosen style, price may vary up to 40% of the total cost of the same.

Quality Materials

Once you have determined the style, now define the quality of the materials and elements used in the renovation, which is the decisive factor in the final price of reform. For example, tiles for kitchen, we can find tiles from 10 dollars per square meter to more than 100 dollars per square meter.

The Execution of the Work

The execution of the work is the second most influential factor in the price, but for me the most important (though perhaps not the most expensive), because if the implementation is not good, the end result will not be desired.

Apply Budget

Do not give up your kitchen renovation by having a tight budget. Apply your renovation budget in accordance with the chosen style and quality of the materials that you think you might need. And finally, assesses the various available options, taking into account not only the cost, but also deadlines or guarantee the quality of finishing and durability of materials.

Key items to determine the price of kitchen renovation

Now I am dividing your kitchen renovation into five most important elements to consider.

1: Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are composed of different materials with added shelves, doors, hinges, handles, etc. The material can be melamine, chipboard or MDF. Since they have many finishes and styles, so it would be very difficult to set an exact price to reform the kitchen, hence, price depends on the material of your choice cabinets and materials. So choose wisely and keep it under budget.

2: Tile Flooring

In kitchen renovation, it’s obvious to remove old tiles and paving of the kitchen. This may allow you to have a totally different and more modern kitchen. Today there are plenty of wall and floor tiles for kitchens. The quality and price depends on each manufacturer and model of tiles to renovate a kitchen. As for the flooring for kitchen, you have several options (wood, carpet, natural stone, tiles, etc.) but I recommend without hesitation to use porcelain stoneware which is the most suitable material for kitchen.

3: Plumber and Plumbing

If you have an old kitchen then consider changing water pipes and plumbing fittings, because a plumbing usually lasts somewhere between 15 and 20 years. Make sure you choose the pipes which are highly resistant to pressure and temperature.

In order to save money and lower the cost of the same, only the outlets of the pipes and sanitation are changed, something I consider a bad practice and very unwise, because these savings will be lost in no time.

Indicative price Plumbing:

A plumber usually receives about 250 dollars per kitchen (this includes removal and installation of new pipe), so new plumbing installation would be between 700 dollars to 900 dollars.

4: Electrical and Electronic

You must respect some basic rules while renovating the kitchen. Firstly, due to the presence of water you have to keep a minimum distance from sink when placing power outlets. Electricity is very important in a kitchen, as several outlets, plugs and light points are needed over the counter. Secondly, you need to review the entire electric system and replace the old wires, as currently having more electrical appliances need more loads to work properly. Never compromise on the quality of electric wires and power outlets.

5: Surface of Marble, Granite or Other Material

Countertop is one of the most expensive elements of a kitchen. The cost of kitchen counter depends on the material, its length and width. Now there are many materials available in the market for kitchen countertops so you better choose according to your taste and needs.

6: Furniture

Do not change the old furniture. A very simple and extremely effective solution is to paint it. There is a good variety of products that are also easy to apply on furniture. You can choose from white, pink, green, blue, or beige. The effects can be lacquered or matte. In the event that your furniture are made of wood, simply apply a varnish that will get them to shine again and look almost like new purchases.

7: Walls

The walls are often most “annoying”. You can change the look of them in a budget with less effort. You can change them almost radically by painting them. Of course, it should be painted with a special enamel to keep it clean. Always chose the color tones that do not dominate the countertop or kitchen furniture. If for example the predominant colors are dark, better to opt for lighter shades for the walls, so that there is contrast. The same applies vice versa.

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