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The Most Common Problems in Renovating Older Homes

Renovating an old home is not an easy task. For some, everything will be over again and for others only a few small amendments are necessary. An old home could be made of stone, brick or earth and you should take into account the original materials and authenticity before making amends.

There are a lot of things to consider before renovating an old home. In particular, it is important to take the time to get it right and tie different aspects of the renovation project accordingly.

It’s better to avoid some options which can easily derail the renovation budget.

Aging Equipment

Limit the maintenance of aging equipment. You can often take advantage of a softer and more comfortable heating. For the renovation of an old house, the trend is to install a fireplace, a wood stove or pellet stove. The new models are very efficient, with 70 to 90% yields, even higher than 90% where an old open fireplace hardly reaches 30 or 40% yield.

Energy efficiency

You need to reduce energy bills by installing a stove or fireplace insert. A former heating is unreliable and, above all, is not energy efficient. In short, you need to modernize heat sources that present more of an advantage.

Keep existing locations: kitchen, bathroom, bearing walls

When you get into a renovation project of an old house or an apartment, the temptation can be to break the walls, move the kitchen and bathroom create an additional toilet, etc. However, it’s hard to break the strong walls and sometimes you need to take caution, adding climbs quickly!


Moving the kitchen or bathroom imposes substantial work, plumbing, electricity, and masonry. In other words, modernizing a bathroom or an existing kitchen space without changing significantly reduces your bill and even if you do not move at all facilities, that is to say if you change the sink or replacing a bathtub with a shower keeping the same location.

You can’t break much

The logic is the same for partitions and walls. The more you break, the more you change, the more you’ll get out your checkbook, especially if you touch a bearing wall or when you widen a window. This type of work requires, in effect, laying an IPN Beam or Lintel again.


Moving a wall that is not “carrier” costs almost nothing. And if you turn a glass door without increasing the width window lintel not to change! It is cheaper.

Vents and Heating System

Ventilate and heat the wetter parts. The two reflexes have to regulate the air. Do not do both at the same time, otherwise, you may have large heat loss. But beware, that said heating involves no overheat the room! It is essential to raise the cool condense water in the air.


Moisture persists in old houses and makes the renovation process quite difficult. If moisture persists, special work will be required. Before undertaking any renovation, be sure to identify the causes of humidity in your home. Too many players on the “moisture market” sell products or offer work without worrying about the bottom of your problem.


Whether you are in the shower or in the process of cooking, be sure to keep the doors of the two closed rooms. Moisture will not disperse on the adjacent walls.

How much to restore an old house?

We have always tended so rustic and old stone houses. But living in a rustic house is not the same as living in a restored old house, lots of people building new houses with stone facade and rustic styles, but it has nothing to do with living in a restored farmhouse with historical value or old, with parts of the old walls with years of history and those entry portals worn by the passage of people.

Choosing to restore an old house is to ensure that never go out of style and secondly we are helping to preserve and maintain a house of many years of life which many generations have passed.

The cost to rehabilitate an old house

The cost of renovating an old house depends on many factors, we think that the most important factor is the approach and distribution of tasks, and a good distribution of tasks is a team of rehabilitation experts to analyze the structural condition of the dwelling, the state of the roofs and roofs, existing materials that can be recycled and then begins with the distribution of tasks.

When budgeting restoring an old house, you should know the state of the house, is to interpret the intention of the owner, you need to understand the type of restoration that has to be done, if you want to leave the house, retaining the historical value of the house and if you want to add new parts with rustic style, if you want to change the bearing walls for larger interior spaces.

Price of an old house

The price of a rustic and old house is usually not very high if you can leverage existing parts and existing materials. However, if there are not enough rustic materials, the price of old construction materials is more expensive than new and previously. They have been cleaned for subsequent placement.

Surprises in the cost of restoring a house

The vast majority of owners are afraid that in a rustic restaurant is going much the budget, but our company offers the most competitive in rustic reforms. It is a luxury to live in an old house restored and adapted to the needs of today. Being old does not mean that things are missing a house can be upgraded to the most current needs while preserving the rustic and old.

If you need advice and budget to restore an old house, we are the company you are looking for, without compromise advise you of the steps from design to recent finishes, you orient all we provide closed budget under budget adapt to your needs a work of this kind can be done with several phases convenience the owner.

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