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Renovation Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Probably the price of housing in your area is down, but if you intend to sell your house then do not forget a number of tricks that can support you attract a buyer without recourse only to the price as a weapon of seduction. There are ways to increase the value of your home, among which fixing minor damages and adding new features can capture the attention of the potential buyer.

The first thing to do before starting to make reforms is to make a list of deficiencies, weaknesses, and strengths of your home/apartment. When planning any reform or renovation, it is important to think about the effects it will have on the appraised value of the house and avoid all those that are not going to make much spending. A starting point may be the rehabilitation aid offered by the different financial institutes that work well to improve energy efficiency and adaptability of the house.

  1. Create Space

Remove those walls that add nothing or move furniture which means no value to you. Any good idea is to try to give scope to the different rooms of your home and create a sense of a comfortable environment. It is a small investment that will create a better impression among potential buyers of your house.

  1. Improve lighting inside the house

The better the lighting of a home, the better it will look. Replace light bulbs with those which give more light or even provide a clearer hue inside your house are some tricks that do not require a big investment. Other minor tweaks when receiving visitors consist of opening the curtains and blinds or install motion detectors so your house illuminates as the visitor enters the house.

  1. Undertake small maintenance

Repair a leak, remove the furniture that has scratches or repair crystal that can be improved. A small investment in this type of repair will have a very beneficial effect.

  1. Install elements that save power

Without actually installing solar panels, for example, it would be a higher cost. Now, there are little options that allow us to reduce the energy bill every month and, at the same time contribute to protecting the environment. Both aspects will be assessed by the prospective buyer, so some ideas for making the most interesting house are installing motion detectors for lighting, set light bulbs, more efficient boiler or even better windows that isolate more and save on heating.

  1. Remember that the house begins at the front door

And so the appearance of the entrance is vital. A potential buyer decides on a house during the first seven seconds to spend on it, so the first impression must be impeccable. Repair imperfections in the door, a coat of paint or varnish may be the best investment.

  1. Attention to the ground

Spend a small amount of money in improving the state of the soil is always recommended. The return can be double the amount invested as experts say.

  1. Pay attention to the bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the critical points of a house, and although an upgrade to fund them can be expensive, a facelift is essential and quite economical. A change in a shower curtain, the curtain rod or the toilet bowl can create a very different picture of these key points.

  1. Paint neutral colors

Painting the walls in bright colors can be a good idea for the owner of an apartment, but not everyone has the same tastes and, therefore, the best when you want to sell a house is to choose neutral colors for the walls, which provide warmth and are more impersonal.

  1. Remove all questions about your home

Get advice from a friend and work on those weaknesses because they are the same that will capture the attention of the prospective buyer.

  1. Arrange plants

If you live in a house with a garden or terrace and have plants in them, make sure they look good. A garden care will help generate the feeling of the house as a whole better maintained and in better condition.


Add or Remove bedrooms: whether the house is too big or too small, you can choose to remove or add rooms. What is important in this case is to be clear what is more demanded in the area.

Kitchen: the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house so it is imperative to be in very good condition. This does not necessarily mean investing a lot of money, but that sometimes it is appropriate to renew elements such as floor tiles or furniture. A coat of paint or vinyl paper, with new handles and accessories may be sufficient. In addition, new, efficient appliances and the same color are placed; it can be easy to convince the prospective buyer.

Bathrooms: It is an easily renewable space. In addition, painting tiles, changing or painting the vanity unit, replacing the tub for a practical shower, putting a screen or renewing the curtains and replacing faucets and mirror are small changes that can improve the bathroom greatly.

Paint: It is important that the walls of the house are free from chipping, stains or moisture. When painting, it is best to choose neutral colors that bring light and get larger space.

Furniture: Creates an image of space and light, therefore, it should be monitored not cluttering the space with furniture. It is time to get rid of furniture in disrepair. It is best to decorate with light furniture, combined with some vintage pieces that bring warmth.

Lighting: It is imperative to have proper lighting in the house. The first thing is to make the most of the natural light coming through the windows and then bet on the lamp bulbs, suitable for each corner, depending on the tasks to be performed on it. A simple way to improve the lighting is to change light bulbs with brighter and greener energy source.

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